Install visionworks on tx2.

I need to install visionworks on the tx2 module but don’t have access to the microUSB and force recovery buttons. Is there a way to install visionworks remotely? Thanks.

FYI, JetPack itself (running on the host PC) separates any package install from flash. Only flash requires recovery mode and the micro-B USB. After a flash the Jetson reboots, and from then on package additions are done over ethernet, not USB. So simply don’t flash (uncheck the options for flash), don’t use recovery mode, don’t use USB, but do use a fully booted TX2 with wired ethernet. Find the IP address with “ifconfig”, and when JetPack wants to know the address, then put this in.


As linuxdev said, you can install visionworks over Ethernet.

But please noticed that there are some dependencies between OS and packages.
This will limit you to use the same JetPack installer of your image.


Thank you!