Installation Failed when installing jetpack


When I downloaded the latest version of jetpack to my jetson nano it says installation failed. It then reboots and goes straight to a login screen. I, however, never created an account to sign in. I thought that it was a flashing problem and that there was an error flashing. However, I flashed it 4 times and this error has happened every time. In addition to this, I tried flashing it on multiple computers this did not solve the problem does anybody have any suggestions.

Hi benjaminsmessage,

Are you use SDK Manager to install the latest JetPack on you Nano?
If you flash success, it will show the initial setup process on first boot, then you can create username, password and set app partition size…, so looks you doesn’t flash success.

Please also try use flash with SD card image, you can download image and detail steps from Download Center.

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