Installation fails

I get the following error, when trying to install the iClone Connector
Error occurred during installation of REALLUSION ICLONE 7.93: Command failed: “H:\nVidia Omniverse\Omniverse-Library\reallusion-iclone-connector-7.93.3\InstallCcConnectorExe\InstallCcConnector.exe” -ic

Omniverse Path: H:\nVidia Omniverse\Omniverse-Library\

Reallusion App Path:

  • H:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone
  • H:\Program Files (x86)\Reallusion\iClone 3DXchange 7

Hello @mori4you! Without any logs, what I think might be happening is your drive path. We don’t have full support for drives other than C. Could you try installing Reallusion on your C: Drive and see if you see the same error?