Installation for PC without gpu


I am waiting for my gpu to arrive which will take about at least 2 to 3 months. But I will need to edit and compile my codes on Eclipse.

  1. Can I install Nsight on my machine that is currently without gpu?
  2. Is there a need to install gpu driver installation other than installing Nsight?


Nsight Eclipse Edition can be installed on a system even if that system does not contain any NVIDIA GPUs. It’s a two step process:

  • Install Eclipse
  • Install the Nsight Eclipse Edition plugins

Refer to Nsight Eclipse Plugins Edition :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation for details.

You can skip the portion of the installer that installs the driver, and only install the toolkit.


So if my system does not contain any NVIDIA GPU and I installed Nsight Eclipse Edition, does that mean that I can only build and compile my codes that use cuda library but I can’t run the codes?

Yes, that’s correct. The codes require an NVIDIA GPU, whether one that’s locally available or one that you are accessing remotely. You’ll be able to build you codes, but you won’t be able to run them.

Without a graphics card, the computer functions well. You can do any activity with ease if you know what you’re doing… If you don’t want to see what you’re doing, you don’t need a graphics card… And by graphics card, I mean any graphics (GPU) integrated in the CPU chip itself in this answer.