Installation Issue: Warning connection login timeout

I’m new to Omniverse and have just installed a Fresh Ubuntu 18 machine with an RTX 2080, downloaded the Omniverse launchers, installed Cache and Nucleus as instructed. When I initially launched Isaac I hit the issue with the Isaac sample assets, so I followed the instructions to manually add a mount via the Nucleus Web UI, which appears to have worked.

However, when I launch Isaac I see a variation of the same dialog indicating a login timeout. No browser opens and if I open Firefox and visit localhost:8080 I’m logged in as my user (not admin) and can see the Isaac folder with expected content.


Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you.

(this is what I see in the browser):

Hi, you can ignore the error by unchecking the “Perform Nucleus check on startup” check box.
Do you see the Isaac folder on locahost in the Isaac Sim content panel? It should be fine if you can run the samples.

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Indeed, I am able to run the example demos by just unchecking the option and ignoring it. Thanks.

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