Installation of CUDA 11.0 on DGX A100 at OS level

The DGX A100 default OS (Ubuntu 18.04 based) install does not include CUDA development packages installed by default. From apt-cache search I can see there is a cuda-libraries-dev-11-0 package in the /var/lib/apt/lists/ repository.

However, this repository is missing other packages like TensorRT needed to build tensorflow from source. So my plan is to install the

repository to pull in TensorRT (libnvinfer) among other libs. I see this will also upgrade the CUDNN libraries too over what is in the DGX specific repository.

Does anyone see any obvious problems doing this will cause?

I have been told in the past to “stick to running things via docker images from NGC” but for various reason this is a bad fit for our development model and that is not a viable option 100% of the time.