Installation of CUDA 3.2 on Ubuntu 12.04

I just wanted to inquire, if it is at all possible to install CUDA 3.2 on ubuntu 12.04?

If so, is there anything i need to different, than the process I used to install CUDA 3.2 on ,say , ubuntu 10.04?



I suspect no one reading this forum has ever tried this. CUDA releases generally work with only a limited range of GCC versions, so your most likely problem is that the version of GCC that ships with Ubuntu 12.04 will not work with the version of nvcc in CUDA 3.2. Maybe you can get it to work if you can somehow force the correct version of GCC onto Ubuntu 12.04, but it will be tricky.

I also imagine that there might be major driver issues if you try to use an old NVIDIA driver with a newer kernel. I believe that NVIDIA drivers are supposed to work with older releases of the CUDA toolkit, so I would install a current NVIDIA driver for the GPU before attempting to install the toolkit.

Needless to say, this configuration will be totally unsupported, so I would consider using the version of Ubuntu that was recommended for use with CUDA 3.2 if you can.

Although driver is backward compatible with older CUDA toolkit, we suggest to upgrade to the latest version of CUDA toolkit. You’ll encounter limitation of GCC, glibc and etc.