Installation of ippyparaview library, docker build fails

The base docker build works, it is the second step that fails when running

docker build -t ipp

Step 7/11 : RUN jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix ipyparaview
—> Running in dfcb4f90f526
Enabling notebook extension ipyparaview/extension…

  • Validating: OK
    Removing intermediate container dfcb4f90f526
    —> 78d76d654ccc
    Step 8/11 : RUN jupyter labextension install js
    —> Running in 66f0cda8d488
    An error occured.
    ValueError: Please install nodejs >=10.0.0 before continuing. nodejs may be installed using conda or directly from the nodejs website.
    See the log file for details: /tmp/jupyterlab-debug-t810vtv8.log
    The command ‘/bin/bash -c jupyter labextension install js’ returned a non-zero code: 1