Installation of Python(3.11), Pytorch(2.0.0) and Torchvision(0.15.1) with CUDA(11.8) to AGX Orin DevKit

@ugurk I haven’t tried this, and this is theoretically how I would go about trying it (and you may encounter issues to debug/workaround along the way). But first you would need to try building Python 3.11 (or find a PPA with aarch64 binaries to install)

Then you would need to build PyTorch from source against Python 3.11 and the version of CUDA that you have installed. You can find generic compilation instructions for PyTorch in this topic:

Python 3.11 support in PyTorch is still relatively new, and I would recommend keeping an eye on this GitHub issue:

It appears that it requires PyTorch 2.0.1 for Python 3.11. Good luck!