Installation of Singularity on DGX for NGC Container Environment Modules

I am interested in trying out NGC Container Environment Modules on an Ubuntu-based DGX A100 system. This requires Singularity which does not appear to be installed by default and also not available in the nvidia repositories (i.e. apt-cache search singularity-container comes up empty)

I can of course build it from source but some of the blogs by Scott McMillan seem to imply a prebuilt singularity environment module so I wonder if I missing any “official” docs on how to install singularity on DGX systems.

We don’t have any official “Singularity on DGX” instructions, and installation from source is how we often do it internally. For example (note use of checkinstall at the end):

$ export VERSION=3.5.3 && # adjust this as necessary \
wget${VERSION}/singularity-${VERSION}.tar.gz && \
tar -xzf singularity-${VERSION}.tar.gz && \
cd singularity
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y \
build-essential \
uuid-dev \
libgpgme-dev \
squashfs-tools \
libseccomp-dev \
wget \
pkg-config \
git \
cryptsetup-bin \
$ ./mconfig && \
cd builddir && \
# Use checkinstall install of make install
$ sudo make install

Generally, the instructions at should work on DGX OS.

Thanks. I ended up doing this. The biggest issue was actually how to install the GO version needed. I ended up going with ppa:longsleep/golang-backports repository.

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