Installation of SurroundView with DriveWorks Version 0.2.1 Failed?

Installation of latest posted version of SurroundView with DriveWorks Version 0.2.1 failed. When will SurroundView update compatible with DriveWorks 0.2.1 be available or is there a fix?

Used: sudo dpkg -i DEB_PACKAGE (where DEB_PACKAGE is the name of the SurroundView package) to install.


Unpacking nvidia-surroundview (0.2.0)…
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of nividia surroundview:
nvidia-surroundview depends on nvidia-driveworks(=0.2.0).
however: Version of nvidia-driveworks on systems is 0.2.1

Thank you,


Hello mjssimon,
Unfortunately, SurroundView is no longer supported as a feature. Thanks.