Installation on Linux 64 bit

Installing PGI server on a LINUX 64 bit INTEL for some reason installs only 34 bit part.

Question A.

  1. The INSTALL script looks for arch x86_64 and this must be i686.
  2. Making this change allows me to install the Linux86-64 but stops with the error at Line 1 /usr/pgi/Linux86-64/6.0/bin/lmutil not found…
  3. If this change has to be made what are the other changes to be done on the Install script and associated files?

    Question B.
  4. the Installation script always says that it is installing "PGI Workstation "
    when installing a PGI server version. Why?

Has anyone come across this or if there is a work around/fix please let me know?



Question A: What linux version are you installing in? Most local changes
are in localrc in $PGI/linux86-64/6.0/bin.

If you run into any more problems, send the following to

  1. the output of
    gcc -v hello.c

  2. output of gcc -m32 -v hello.c

  3. cat /etc/issue

  4. /lib/

  5. the files /usr/include/sys/types.h


  6. output from pgcc -dryrun hello.c


Question B:
The only difference between the workstation and server products
is the license. Workstation is single user, node-locked, 1 process,
4 threads per process, in its code generation and tool support.

Server License is multi-user (at a time), floating, 1 process, 16 threads
per process.