Installation on Linux (Ubuntu -7.10) Installation failure

Hi… I have installed new graphics card Gs8400 on ubuntu 7.10… I was able to install the driver easily. And its working fine. But not able to install CUDA toolkit and SDK both on Linux.
I went through the documentation but not able to understand.
Both file i had downloaded. After that i run the command for installation of sh and the the sdk… CUDA it got installed at default location of /usr/local/cuda and sdk at home directory. But i m not able to make and install the file.
Can anyone help me in guiding me proper installation for CUDA and SDK… As i m new to it.


I am having the same problem I installed both the toolkit, SDK along with the latest NVIDIA drivers (169.12) but I have a problem when I try to run “make”.

I am getting the following error message:

What error are you getting? Can anyone help please?

You are missing the CUDA runtime library. Just add -lcudart

There is a makefile in the matlab example that takes care of this. You will not be able to compile .cu file with the original mex script.

OK, my problem was I was missing my MATLAB path… so here is what I did:

$ MATLAB=$MATLAB:/usr/local/your_matlab_directory
$ export $MATLAB
$ ./nvmex -f -I/usr/local/cuda/include -L/usr/local/cuda/lib -lcufft -lcudart -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/cuda/lib

Now it is up and running … give that a try and see if it works

Yea got it…Thanks…