Installation Problem - display not working after installation/update

I am trying to install the O/S for my nano. I have flashed/imaged a microsd and have inserted and booted it successfully. The system has gone through the auto-update process. There was some error message and instructions to go to the desktop and correct some file, (sorry, I know I should have written the message down, but I didn’t). When I boot up I get to the login screen, (not displayed very well. I think what ever display parameters were selected are not appropriate for the display that I’m trying to use with my Nano - an HP LP 2065). at the login screen, after I enter the password for my userid, the system attempts to display something, but it just appears as a bunch of little white lines, (stuff must be compressed, wrong refresh rate, etc?). What do I need to edit and is there a way to set display parameters from keyboard or something? (I can’t read anything). Thanks.

Hooked up to an HDMI display, (not HDMI converted to DVI), and things worked fine.