Installed any other Linux aarch64 platform?

Wanted to try the bleeding edge: Fedora

I have Fedora 24 on my host, ran:

sudo fedora-arm-image-installer

Usage: fedora-arm-image-installer

–image=IMAGE - xz compressed image file name
–target=TARGET - target board
–media=DEVICE - media device file (/dev/[sdX|mmcblkX])
–selinux=ON/OFF - Turn SELinux off/on as needed
–norootpass - Remove the root password
-y - Assumes yes, will not wait for confirmation
–version - Display version and exit
–resizefs - Resize root filesystem to fill media device
–addconsole - Add system console to extlinux.conf

Example: fedora-arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Rawhide.xz --target=Bananapi --media=/dev/mmcblk0 --selinux=OFF
Error: not found! Please choose an existing device.

Don’t see Nvidia Jetson TX1 listed only the older TK1 is listed.

Have anyone installed Fedora aarch64?

Tried any other Linux platform beside Ubuntu?