Installed JetPack 5.0.1 (No UEFI?)

So I’ve just flashed my jetson xavier nx with the latest jetpack version : 5.0.1 and when I boot it doesn’t seem to go to a boot-loader or UEFI no matter what I press.

From what I’ve read I thought that this was supposed to be included by default? Was this a false assumption? Am I supposed to build the UEFI from the github repo? Or am I able to enable/access the UEFI some other way?

Sorry I’m a bit rough on the tech and not quite understanding the docs.

It is there by default. You can clarify how you check something is there or not there first…

Okay great then how may I access it?

So you didn’t know how to check cboot log when using jetpack4.x ? Or you directly use jetpack5.0.1 in your NX?

For jetson nx and jetson nano, the bootloader log are all in the uart.

The uefi (jetpack5.0.x) and cboot (jetpack4.x.x) are all from that console.

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