installed jetson os but there are some fails

I just used sdk manager to install everything ( I chose every option in the sdk manager to install like vision, AI etc ) and now I can reach ubuntu. I read the L4T statement and next next to install. While I was flashing via sdk manager, there was some errors on cuda side ( couldn’t read ) and vision libraries etc. is not installed. Now I am trying to go on focus recovery again but sdk manager is not continuing to install the libraries because it can’t login. If I login, it means I am not in focus recovery and I can’t flash things. I have no idea what to do about that. Can you help me on this?

Can’t share screenshots cuz I can’t have them with me right now. I’ll try to answer every question.

I got it! I have loginned to ubuntu and open the L4T readme file. Plugged the ethernet and checked the ifconfig. From the host pc, I filled id, pass and the local ip. And clicked install. It was kind of obvious procedure but wanted to answer myself so if there is someone who has the same problem, they can find it here.