Installed multiple version of CUDA

I installed JetPack SDK v5.0.2 using SDK Manager v1.8.4.
But, the following directory was created in Jetson device.

  • /usr/local/cuda-11.4
  • /usr/local/cuda-11.7

I read the following release notes.

2.2. Libraries and APIs
CUDA 11.4.14

Is this the intended configuration?


The full CUDA libraries are installed in the cuda-11.4 folder.
The cuda-11.7 folder only contains compute-sanitizer.


@AastaLLL Thank you for your comment.

I think that I need to set up a cuda-11.7 path to use compute-sanitizer.
Is my understanding correct? Because, the cuda-11.4 path is set by default.

I think that it is better not to set the cuda-11.4 and cuda-11.7 paths at the same time.


compute-sanitizer is available in both cuda-11.4 and cuda-11.7.
Let me get more information from our internal team first.


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