Installed PGFORTRAN correctly, but cant find pgfortran

Hello, I have installed pgifortran community version on a AMD 64 bits cluster, running Ubuntu 16.04. Here, installed for GAMESS US, I get the following error when invoking the Gamess builder:

pgfortran -o /opt/gamess/tools/actvte.x actvte.f
pgfortran: Command not found.
unset echo
Something went wrong while creating tools/actvte.x
Typing mistakes in your responses to this script?
Your path setup doesn’t find the FORTRAN compiler?
Check .tcshrc/.cshrc’s execution path and/or library path setup.
fatal error, exiting.

When checkg for pg-related commands I find:

s$ pg
pg pgmedge pgmkernel pgmoil pgmtexture pgmtopbm
pgmbentley pgmenhance pgmnoise pgmramp pgmtofs pgmtoppm
pgmcrater pgmhist pgmnorm pgmslice pgmtolispm pgrep

but not pgfortran



When you say you installed the Community edition on a cluster,

  1. did you install the compilers on the master node only,
    or did you install on every node in the cluster?

  2. Is your ‘cluster’ made of multiple platforms with
    identical Ubuntu 16.04 versions installed? Or are they
    just platform names in a machine file list, with different Linux versions?

  3. Did you install the compilers in a commonly mounted area
    so that every cluster node sees the compilers in the same
    pathname? Or do you need to copy the runtime libraries to
    each slave node into a path that is local, but the same on
    all the slave nodes?

The basic answer is that is you install the compilers, for example,


you should first define $PGI.
export PGI=/opt/pgi
then add the PGI bin directory to your $PATH
export PATH=$PGI/linux86-64/17.4/bin:$PATH

if you wish to use the mpi drivers, then add a second path
export PATH=$PGI/linux86-64/17.4/bin:$PGI/linux86-64/2017/mpi/openmpi/bin:$PATH

% which pgf90
%which mpif90

should be understood.

When done creating an executable, like
mpif90 foo.f90 -o foo

% ldd foo
on the build machine should point to any PGI runtime
libs needed. If ldd cannot find them on your executing machine(s), you need to add the ldd paths not found to LD_LIBRARY_PATH .
on the executing machine.

This is why it is good to have a commonly mounted disk area on clusters so all the platforms can find their PGI runtime libs
from the same place.