Installer gets stuck on macOS using colima or rancher, intel or M1

I’ve just on-boarded another user to the Workbench. He’s on an intel mac running colima. I reported this issue previously on an M1 mac running rancher. Hopefully this helps narrow down the situation where this is occurring.

What happened: Got Installing and updating packages
An error occurred during the installation. Depending on the error, simply running the installer again may resolve the issue. core install workflow failed the first time round but it appeared to work after that. On restart, the install finished, but the UI was unresponsive with no way to proceed. Second restart appeared to finish install, but still no way to proceed (Next button was gray). On third restart, no installation happened, just prompted the welcome screen and everything appeared to work.

Hello there, I wonder if the installer main.log shows any reason for the failed attempts. Please provide log.

At this point, I’m not sure if my log reflects the installation where I had a problem. It is very long, and it would take me too long to audit whether it contained sensitive information for me to share it. I suspect in my case it may also be related to the fact that I was running fish.


Could you please send logs to