Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

Hello everyone) After watchign Linus videos about installing several work places at one PC I want to do by myself)

I actually need for 2 Autocad (+3d Autocad workers) and for me for video edditig videos from the trips and from the Chromakey in Davinci Resolve (free version).

I tried to visualize it. If somebody uderstand what I want to archive I’ll be happy to receive any recommendations)

The software may be UnRaid, Microsoft Multipoint Server 2016.

left - the server specs

right - 3 rooms of each worker

ps: I really want and hope on the BlackFriday it’ll be discounts)

The plan is: install the unRaid software and after that install Windows 10 PRO on each of the machines and use them just by turning on the monitors at work places)