Installing 480 wt 8800 GTX A little off topic, sorry

I have put a GTX 480 into my machine that already had a 8800 GTX. There is a 1000W PSU, and the 8800 has the display attached. 8800 still works. Fan spins on 480. Running 196.21. 480 not shown in nVidia control panel.

Insert the install CD and get something like no 470 or 480 found? Is there a recommended to do this?

  • Get and install 197 from web?
  • Switch / temporarily pull out 8800, install & put back.
  • Give the display to the 480.

I do not really need the 8800 long term, but I have never tried 2 GPU’s with the CUDA based OpenCL, only OSX. I wanted to try a thing or 2 that should work on both?

If anyone has a clue as to what to try next, I would appreciate it.


Well, right after I sent this, I just tried switching the display to the 480, nothing. Pulled out the 8800, and display does not detect that it is attached to anything.

Please disregard.

Right before I hit the submit button on the RMA request, thought I would try a cold start of both the Display & PC. It worked, phew. I guess install by itself is the way I am going. Try to add the 8800 back in after done.

Finished install from CD. Things are very slow (I’ll start a separate thread for this). I added the 8800 in with the 480 still having the display. Wow that was BIG MISTAKE!!! Powered up. Windows booted. Tried to open up nVidia Control Panel. It produced an error, but came up. A few seconds later everything went black. It eventually tried to re-boot, but I quickly powered off.

I pulled out the 8800. Now got a blue screen in the middle of Windows boot (more than once). Went through auto recovery a couple of time. Finally did a restore back prior to the nVidia driver, and I am back. Strangely, I still have 197.41.

I would NOT recommend trying to run a GTX 400 series card with anything else, other than another GTX 400 (just getting 1 is hard enough).