Installing CUDA 1.1 on Suse 10.1

Hi Fellas,
I am newbie to Suse 10.1 linux distro. I was tryin to install CUDA 1.1 and followed the steps in SDK Readme.

  1. I installed the 169.09 x86-64 version of driver //Went fine
  2. I installed the toolkit for CUDA 1.1 //Went fine
    3)When installing the SDK for CUDA 1.1, there are some issues I am facing. Lemme tell as to what all steps I followed for it.
    a) Downloaded the NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK*****.run in home directory.
    B) sh NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK*****.run
    What I see is that, in the console window, it says,
    Verifying archive integrety… good
    Uncompressing NVIDIA CUDA SDK …
    and it remains in this state. As per the instructions in the readme, it should have asked me about the install dir…and shold return the prompt, once installation is done.

Am I missing out anything???

I think it is suppose to run In the Gnome Task manager, it shows that there is this process “” but its in a sleeping state.

Any info will be appreciated.


You should verify that you’ve fully downloaded the SDK.

When I was installing it, then it says that
Verifying archive integrity…good[B]

So i assume that the downloaded NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK.****.run file is correctly downloaded.

Anyways I will try downloading it once again .


SuSE distris buffer the console stdio input/output streams if you have the buffer package installed. The prompt for the file path is simply invisible as the buffers are flushed on newline by default.

Switch off the buffering or simply type the path…