Installing CUDA display driver silently to Windows 2016 via automation fails?

I’m setting up Windows Server 2016 instances within google cloud as part of an elastically scaling continuous integration farm for games development.

Cooking unreal-engine assets benefits greatly in terms of speed when a GPU is present. So, I’m attempting to create instances that have NVidia Tesla P100 GPUs attached (the other option is K80).

I am building these instances via ansible, a configuration management tool.

I have so far been unsuccessful when attempting to install the display driver via instructions at - I’m running commands remotely via ansible to download then try to install the display-driver.

My ansible task looks like:

- name: install driver
      - "-s"
      - "Display.Driver"
    # product_id from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{B2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8}_Display.Driver
    product_id: "B2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8"

though I’ve also tried

- name: fetch installer
    dest: c:/windows/temp/cuda_10.0.130_win10_network.exe

# Only need the display driver - basically, what a consumer would have.
# Install docs:
- name: install nvidia
  win_shell: >-
    start-process c:/windows/temp/cuda_10.0.130_win10_network.exe
    -ArgumentList @("-s", "Display.Driver")
    creates: "C:/Program Files/NVIDIA Corporation"

The former gets me an error:

googlecompute: fatal: []: FAILED! => changed=false 
    googlecompute:   msg: 'unexpected rc from install  opvf1a5r.duz: see rc, stdout and stderr for more details'
    googlecompute:   rc: 3825205504
    googlecompute:   reboot_required: false
    googlecompute:   stderr: ''
    googlecompute:   stderr_lines: <omitted>
    googlecompute:   stdout: ''
    googlecompute:   stdout_lines: <omitted>

whereas the latter doesn’t error, but also does not install the driver successfully.

If I run the start-process call via powershell while remote-desktop’d into the instance, there’s a ‘trust this driver’ popup to click through; if I manually do that, then the driver successfully installs.

So - is there a way to automate, hands-off, the installation of the display driver? Is there some file or registry key I need to create in advance to allow Windows to pre-emptively trust the installation, something arcane like that…?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Should have said; I googled the return code of 3825205504 but found nothing pertinent.