Installing CUDA/Tegra Multimedia API Samples on Target

After seeing that the Jetpack installation completed, i see that the CUDA, MM API and VisionWorks were not installed on the target. Could someone suggest how to install the same on target directly? Going through the painfull JetPack installation all over again is too time consuming.

Hi vikramupparpalli,

Have you managed to get those SDKs installed?
If not, the JetPack is still the suggested way.


I reinstalled JetPack 3.3 on the board and could get it to install everything on tx2. I see a problem in that if i upgrade my host computer to 18.04 my JetPack 3.3 wont work fine and JetPack 4.1 doesnt support Jetson Tx2. And not having the ability to install *.deb files directly on the target kinda throws us off. Isn’t it?

Yes, JetPack 3.3 can’t work on Ubuntu 18.04.