Installing custom carrier board bsp


We are stuck at boot screen after flashing the orin with the carrier board bsp that we compiled. The carrier board we are using is forge carrier board for jetson agx orin. It successfully boots when we install the pre-compiled carrier board bsp but doesn’t boot when we install the carrier board bsp that we compiled on our own. I am guessing we are doing something wrong while installing the bsp that we compiled, are there anything that i need to consider while installing other than changing Image, dtbs and kernel_supplements inside the Linux_for_Tegra/kernel?. I’ve included the logs too, it gets stuck after a while after the boot screen.

Thanks for any help.
by-id-debug.txt (31.2 KB)
by-path-debug.txt (29.0 KB)

You can resize the termimanl where you dumped the log first… actually each line in your log got trunacated.

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