Installing DRIVE OS and DriveWorks 5.2.6 and Drive Software 10.0 in the same host machine

we had Drive OS and drivework 4.0 installed working fine , start installing software 10. 0

many installation errors , my question it can be install together or it need to install separate ?

I mean can it go in one host machine or it better install separately ?

Dear @user122831,
Please use seperate host machines as both have different CUDA, TensorRT and DW versions.

It seems software 10.0 has everything needed , then what is the use of Drive OS and Driveworks 5.2.6 package.

we are developing AV trucking i guess we can only use the software 10 on hyperion ?
I am not sure what reason and where we need the 5.2.6 package ?

Dear @user122831,
DRIVE SW and DRIVE OS +DW has different objectives.
Customer who are developing their own perception algorithms and wants to use latest DRIVE OS features are suggested to use DRIVE OS + DW release.
Customer who rely on NVIDIA perception modules(DRIVE AV DNNs etc) are suggested to use DRIVE SW 10.0