Installing Driveinstall with a vitrual machine


As said in the documentation, a host with Linux Ubuntu x64 14.04 or 16.04 LTS is needed to put DriveInstall on my Drive PX2. But is it possible to install it form an older version (18.XX) or from a virtual machine (with of course Linux Ubuntu x64 14.04 or 16.04 LTS in)?

Dear adrien.bonefons,

Unfortunately we don’t support VM Host environment for DPX2. Thanks.

Okay, and can i use my older Ubuntu version or do i have to downgrade it to make the installation work?

Dear adrien.bonefons,

Maybe not, please downgrade your system to 16.04 LTS for DriveInstall. Thanks.

I had no trouble to put DriveInstall on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS AMD64, thanks for your help!

If you just want to use nsight to write an application for the Drive PX using the Driveworks SDK you could do that with a vm - the normal Driveworks installer works. But to build your project you will have to use a native ubuntu system with a nvidia graphics card. If you have a restriced number of linux machines, you could set up a build server one.