Installing driveworks-1.2 in arm64 ros container

I’m looking to compile my driveworks application on in arm64 docker container that has driveworks 1.2 dependencies installed (setting up cross compilation with ros dependencies on an x86_64 arch has been a bit of a rabbit hole and so I’m abandoning that solution).

Is there a guide for implementing such a container using the new runfiles used by the sdkmanager (as opposed to driveinstall)?

I’m working with the Open Source Ros Foundation’s ubuntu_arm64 container (osrc/ubuntu_arm64 on docker hub) and attempting to install driveworks via the runfile used by the sdkmanager installer (

Dear harry.roache-wilson,
Can you check if this thread helps?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a guide for implementing a container using the runfiles used by the sdkmanager.

Thanks for the fast reply @SivaRamaKrishna. The thread you linked suggests building on the PX2, which is fine, but I was hoping to cross-compile with ROS dependencies on the host machine. I will modify my development suite to handle build-on-PX2 capability and wait until NVIDIA supports arm64 drivers before continuing that line of investigation. Thanks.