Installing imgaug on Jetson Nano breaks CSIC camera

SBC: Nano 2GB
OS: JP4.6

This issue has been experienced using Jetpack 4.6. In order to use a ‘CROP’ transformation with an autopilot the imgaug dependency needs to be installed into the environment. It installs without issue. However, once installed the CSIC camera will no longer return frames. This is not an issue in Raspberry Pi. It may not be an issue in earlier versions of Jetpack.

Using ‘CROP’ is a best practice when training an autopilot. So it is a problem that one of our supported platforms (Nano 4GB/2GB) cannot use it. Worse, the error that is produced provides no help in understanding the underlying issue. Hopefully a fix or work-around can be found for this issue.

  • Determine if earlier versions of jetpack also suffer from this issue
  • Determine if there is an specific version of imgaug or one of it’s dependencies that can be installed to avoid this issue.
  • If a solution cannot be identified to make imgaug work, then open a issue for implementing CROP and trapezoidal
    masks that don’t use imgaug.

What’s the command?
Have you check with argus_camera and v4l2-ctl to confirm it?


We can actually reproduce this bug by only installing opencv-python so we have opened an issue on the imgaug github.

No further response is required.

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