Installing Isaac SDK Xavier NX

I am trying to setup and run the Isaac SDK on my Jetson Xavier NX.
I downloaded the SDK (isaac-sdk-20200806-e58e4f90a) and extracted it.
When I run “” I get the error:

[INFO] Installing packages - gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu g+±aarch64-linux-gnu
E: Package ‘gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu’ has no installation candidate
E: Package ‘g+±aarch64-linux-gnu’ has no installation candidate
[ERROR] Failed to install packages - gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu g+±aarch64-linux-gnu

Thanks for any help

edit: I guess I am trying to use the xavier nx as my desktop machine, which seems to not work. I wish it would, as it is my only linux machine with a GPU compute capability >3.5. Any advice?

Using the Jetson platform as a development environment is not currently supported. Isaac SDK is intended to cross-compile from a 64-bit x86 platform and deploy to the Jetson Xavier NX (aarch64). The gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu and g+±aarch64-linux-gnu are cross-compiler packages built for amd64 and i386 platforms respectively to output aarch64.