Installing jatpack 5.0 from sd to ssd

Is there any way of installing jetpack 5.0 from sd card to SSD
Or using a windows host computer.
Or do I throw my jetson xavier nx away!!!

You can try to use sdkmanager, which can choose nvme in it GUI. But it only supports on ubuntu system.

Thanks for your reply . I don’t have another computer running ubuntu. I would like to go back my previous version which I think was 4.6 not 4…61 .but the web sites (e.g. Jetson hacks) that provided the information on how to run from ssd have upgraded their instructions to having a host machine.
Any help would be grateful
Thanks Once Again.

I would suggest still trying to get one ubuntu host. Every development tool for jetson are on ubuntu.

Lacking of them would be hard to debug the problems. We also provided instructions, but again, they are based on ubuntu.

Once again thanks for your reply.
What is the cheapest Unix machine do you recommend. I don’t need screens or any peripherals. I take it a raspberry pi 4 running latest 64bit os is no good…

Because the tool we support only works on x86 host. Not arm64.

raspberry pi 4 CPU is arm64 based, which is not supported.

If I buy machine with intel i3,i7,i5 or amd chip is ok ?

yes, it should work.

Thanks for your help I have managed to re-construct the old system as the relevant files were still on the SD card (cloned from Jetsonhacks some time ago)
Now running Package: nvidia-jetpack Version: 4.6-b197 from ssd.
I will install ubuntu on HP Compaq Presario CQ61 to be able to proceed further.
Thank one again

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