Installing JetPack 3.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5

I got an error message “Installing File System and OS 28.1.0 failed. Return Code: 29” whilst the program installs File System and OS (2463MB) to Target-Jetson TX1 under Linux for Tegra Host Side Image Setup.
in the folder "_installer/logs/64_TX1//filesystem_64_txl.log: no space left on device/bin/bash: line 0: echo: No space left on device
a virtual memory is 60GB and real size ist 20GB in VM (Oracle VirtualBox)

Please advice what to do.

Your host ran out of space. You should start by removing the entire JetPack directory.

If you run “df -H /where/ever/that/is/at” you’ll see space getting low. When I say “low” I mean relative to the amount of disk space used during a flash. Keep in mind that you are generating an entire file system the size of the Jetson…so if the rootfs is 30GB, then that image all by itself is 30GB of space on the host. There are also other partitions and temporary content as well…you might need 40GB of space on the host before you ever start (20GB free is not even close to enough space).

Note: A VM is likely to fail even if you have enough space due to USB issues.