Installing Jetpack 4.4 on TX2

With all the installation paths available, I’m a bit confused. I’d like to install 4.4, basically from scratch on the TX2. I VERY much want to install and use the Debian apt capability rather than the old way of doing things (which has caused the TX2 to sit and gather dust for over a year!)

If it matters, I have an NVMe card installed, too. I assume we still can’t boot from it?

What do you guys recommend with the apt version so I can start using the TX2 again?


Only the more recent releases are able to use the apt mechanism for the NVIDIA content. If your TX2 is not one of the newer releases, then you’ll still need to flash once with JetPack/SDK Manager.

Tried that. Host has Ubuntu 20.x and the wonderful SDK Manager would not allow me to proceed. Guess I’ll have to dig up an 18.x boot disk or USB and do it in live mode. Ain’t going backwards.

You might try temporarily editing your host’s “/etc/os-release” file. You might succeed if you set a small lie there. Look at this line:
…this is what 18.04 would say. If yours says 20.04 there, then during the use of JetPack/SDK Manager edit to say 18.04.

Just don’t add packages to the host PC, only flash the Jetson, and perhaps add packages (such as CUDA) to the Jetson. FYI, sample applications will add cross compiler content to the host, so I wouldn’t do that on 20.04.

If that fails, then you might have to use an 18.04 host.

That is brilliant, linuxdev! I would have never thought of that in a million years. Sadly, the libraries in the nvidia package are just too old, and even though the “install old junk” flag was turned on, the newer stuff was not overridden, thank goodness. Well, at least of the few that I saw anyway.

Guess it’s back to the live DVD session, then. Thanks, though.