Installing Jetpack components on the TX2

Hello there,

So I recently flashed ubuntu 18.04 on the Nvidia Jetson TX2 and I’ve been trying to use CUDA along with the other components that are supposed to be installed while using the SDK manager. When I tried to download Microsoft visual studios for linux it gives me an error stating that the .deb files cannot be installed. Thank you,.

Is the “.deb” for arm64/aarch64? If not, then you would need to find a package for the Jetson’s architecture.

the deb file is for amd64

That would be for a PC architecture, but Jetsons are arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a. You’ll either need a package for arm64 or the source code to compile it for that architecture. I don’t know if that is available or not.

Yes and I can’t seem to find any files for arm64/aarch64, is there something else that can be done?

On a more powerful platform you might be able to install an emulator for the other architecture, but this won’t be of much practical use in this case. Applications must work with the architecture they are compiled for…the CPU itself does not understand those other architectures.

So I found out that I don’t need microsoft visual studio, to use CUDA. I just need to launch the application but the sdk manager will not install the components and I’m not sure why?

Which components are you installing, and by what method? Something like “apt-get” should do the right thing if the repositories are set up, but initial install of CUDA and some of the other NVIDIA content might require installing them from JetPack/SDK Manager. More specific information on packages and errors would help. Also, it would help if we know the L4T release (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”).

So I found the issue which is, I wasn’t connecting my Nvidia Jetson TX2 to my intel NUC with a ethernet cable. Now that it has that connection SDK manager is giving me the option to install the components such as CUDA. However I’m struggling to set up the IP address of the USB port on the intel NUC.

If you use the ethernet IP address, then there is no need to use the USB virtual ethernet. Any working network will do the job, just tell the Intel PC (in JetPack/SDK Manager) the address which you can ping the Jetson on. The “” address is from USB, but if you have something else, then that address becomes irrelevant.

I assume the ethernet is talking to a router, and that both the PC and the Jetson have been assigned addresses common to that router.