Installing Jetpack on host and on target at different times

Hello Everyone. I am new to using Jetson TX2. I have yet to flash it. The problem I am facing is that Jetpack 3.1 downloads a massive amount of stuff on the host(around 10GB), and the internet connection at the workplace isn’t that fast. I would have to leave the work PC running for a full day, I guess, and that isn’t just feasible. I have a faster connection at my home. I was wondering is it possible for me to install the jetpack components for the host at my home(on my laptop), pause the install process, go to workplace next day, and resume the process from where it left off for the target?

Plus, there is another query I have which is related to this. I am facing problems logging into my Jetson TX2 (which I haven’t flashed yet). I have posed it as a separate question, and I am hopeful I will get a solution. What I want to know is that will this somehow affect the flash process? I would be really grateful if anyone could help.

I think caching would avoid downloading what you already have. On your home machine perhaps you could mount an SD card or USB flash disk wherever JetPack would run (make sure it is ext4, not VFAT), do the local download, then umount the flash device, and then re-mount it on the other machine (or do a “cp -adpR”).

Flash does not require login to the Jetson. When in recovery mode the Jetson becomes a custom USB device which the driver package understands…and everything on eMMC is just data at that point.

Thanks a lot. And what if I want to do the install on my laptop? Can I download stuff on my laptop at home, and then at a later time, complete the download process with the Jetson(my laptop being the host)?

The laptop should be fine so long as it has enough disk space and it is native Linux file system (e.g., not a VM running on NTFS). I won’t guarantee it works, but odds are good it will.