Installing Jetpack OS without microSD on a non-Developer Kit?

Hi all, programming/computer newbie here. I have a fresh new Xavier NX module which I would like to use with the AntMicro baseboard (Antmicro · Open Source Jetson Baseboard), as opposed to the NVidia Developer Kit. However, I realize soon after ordering the components that the AntMicro baseboard does not have a microSD card slot to insert a microSD flashed with the OS, and so I can’t exactly follow the instructions listed here (Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer) for getting started. With that being said, is it possible to use the NVidia SDK Manager to install Jetpack so that I can successfully get a first boot, or will that only work if I use the actual Xavier NX Developer Kit as well? If the latter, then does that mean I must install the Jetpack onto the Xavier NX module using a Developer Kit first, and then just physically take the module off of the Developer Kit and put it on the AntMicro baseboard?
Thank you in advance for any help or advice. I’m really not familiar with how getting started works if I’m not following a well-documented tutorial like that provided with the Xavier NX Developer Kit

Actually, I cannot provide a 100% correct answer to your question.

For those carrier board that is not a NV developer kit, we call it custom board. And for such custom board, it depends on the vendor’s software requirement to make it work.

For example, some custom boards need the vendor to provide some tool to flash. While some vendors claim their board can be flashed with sdkmanager. For such case, you can use sdkmanager to flash their board.

We are not able to provide tools for vendor’s board because we actually don’t know what kind of customization they have done to it.