Installing K1 into DL380p Gen 8 - am i missing something?

I’m trying to install our K1 card onto our DL380p Gen8. What components are needed to install this?

We have both processors, a PCI riser card, but it looks like it still needs a power cable?

What am I missing? Did I get the wrong riser cage? I’m ordering a bigger Power supply, so that isn’t the issue.

Pictured below is a closeup on the aux power adapter.

You require the PCIe power cable.

When you purchased the K1 card from HP did they advise on the GPU enablement requirements? They may provide all the components as a single kit (several OEM’s do).

Did you ever get this working I have the same issue ?

it ended up we needed an additional power cable, and patches that weren’t on the main website. An HP retailer assisted us.