Installing latest TensorRT5 on Jetson TX2 earier flashed with Jetpack3.3

Hello there,
As per the topic title, is it possible to only update my existing TensorRT4.0 to TensorRT5.xx? I have flashed Jetson TX2 with jetpack 3.3 couple of months ago.
I wanted to try out introductory example of tensorRT provided in

But I get error since nvonxxparser.h with tensorRT4.0 does not contain class IParser. A quick check on another device with TensorRT5.0 confirms availability of the class in the header file.

I am afraid of extra efforts towards flashing Tx2 with jetpack4.2 and setup of various toolchains.
Thanks in advance!


Sorry that you will need to reflash the device with JetPack-4.2 to get the TensorRT5.0 support.
The GPU driver in JetPack3.3 is not compatible with CUDA-10.0, which is required by TensorRT5.0.


Thanks for the reply.
If it needs to be done, then it needs to done!