Installing Linux Driver for Quadro RTX6000 on RHEL 7.7 Workstation

I am attempting to install the Nvidia Quadro RTX6000 Driver but I’m running into issues. I am using the following link from Redhat for RHEL Workstation 7.7:

I have edited the /etc/default/grub and rebuild the UEFI kernel. Nevertheless, when I try running the file, it complains that it still detects the Nouveau driver.

Please advise.

Please see this:

(leave out the optimus part)

Also, you can’t use a 390 legacy driver for a rtx 6000.

OK, I got the driver to install successfully. However, I did run accross the following warning:

“Warning: Unable to determine the path to install the libglvnd EGL vendor library config.files. Check that you have pkg-config and the libglvnd development libraries installed, or specify a path with --glvnd-egl-config-path.”

Is this something to worry about? Otherwise, the graphical desktop is working and running using the Nvidia driver.

Thanks again.


This depends on the package libglvnd-egl being installed, I guess. If it’s not installed, seems no other package needs it.