Installing Mellanox connectx 5 driver on ubuntu, but in airgapped enviroment

We are working alot in airgapped enviroments, and have to upgrade a Mellanox connectx 5 driver. but the software available on the webpage wants to download alot from apt. is there any solution to get around this?


hi Mortel,
What do you mean in airgapped enviroment ?

Generally, we can download ConnectX5 driver from:
Linux InfiniBand Drivers

Find ‘Download’ → ‘Current Version’ , select the version, OS, then you can find a suitable version.

We can get a full OFED package (tgz file)
Upload the package to ubuntu system. uncompress it then use ‘mlnxofedinstall’ command to install it.


Hi, thanks for you reply.
By airgapped, i mean we have no internet connection on the server. and are not able to have an internet connection.
So all dependencies (etc. GCC) cannot be downloaded.
We have tried to get the full OFED package, and run the mlnxofedinstall, but fails when it want to download dependencies.
We would just like to have the ethernet MLX_EN driver, as a standalone.
is that possible?

Best Regards