Installing Midnight commander in Jetson Tx1

Dear All,

I’m having problem in installing Midnight commander for Jetson Tx1 with Ubuntu 14.04 and version 24.0 release 1.

It was getting stuck up at some point indicating slang version > 2.0 need to be installed.

I however found lot of additional packages like glib2.0, zlib1.2, libffi_3.1 need to be installed prior to Installing Midnight Commander 4.8.18 also if Slang package is creating problem then better to use the library ncurses5.9.

Do not forget to configure using ‘./configure --with-screen=ncurses’ while installing Midnight Commander.

I hope in future release this problem will be taken care.

Thanks & Regards

You could just “sudo apt-get install mc”. If this does not show up, then you may need to uncomment some of the non-default repos in “/etc/apt/sources.list” (“sudo apt update” would make those changes visible).

Thanks for the reply…

In my case the package mc wasn’t found hence i thought of installing fresh mc package from Ubuntu page.


My version of “/etc/apt/sources.list” is just the original with the commented-out entries uncommented (then run “sudo apt update” to make those changes visible). This would be the easiest way to get the package (this would be the most recent mc from Ubuntu).

In Case You Want to Compile Your Own Anyway…

If you go to do the actual install you’ll see a number of dependencies listed…these are basically libraries for use without C headers or other development content (the already-built program uses this)…you’d need the dev package in addition to the base package (the compiler needs the supporting package header files). To find dev package versions your apt directory may need additional edits. Note that in sources.list that “deb” at the start is for main packages, “deb-src” can be added with the same URL to make apt searches also show source packages. Dev packages and source packages then show up…because dev have headers for compiling against these are what you’d want. Source packages are for building and modifying your own version of a library or package, and not needed for your purposes.

So uncommenting what is shown in the default sources.list implies you will see “mc” and its related “mc-data” package. mc files other than those are for development or debugging. I’m not sure which repo would have the mc source, but dev does make debug symbols available, as well as dev packages needed for when you do have mc source and want to compile (the supporting library infrastructure’s headers).