Installing NVIDIA binary drivers on image

I am using a virtual machine to test my installation procedures as it goes MUCH
faster than the actual box I wish to install on (ATom powered NVIDIA ION box).

I want to install the NVIDIA binary drivers on the this image (EVEN though the NVIDIA hardware
is not present). I need to test the procedure…
I have looked all around for a command line option or something for the binary drivers
to skip the “detect” step at install. It tells me there are no supported hardware cards.
Sure thats fine - but I want to keep installing anyway.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks so much.


You can use the -x or --extract-only option, it will not run the installer (build the module).

You can actually examine the nvidia installer .bin file, the first part of which is just a shell script and gain some further insight and options.