Installing NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-410.78 drivers onto a 32 bit Fedora 12 computer

Hi all,

My company uses GPU’s in some of our products and as you all know they run out of supply of old cards pretty quickly. So we constantly have to approve new cards and new drivers on our old computers. One such computer we have is running quite an old configuration. It is a 32 bit Fedora 12 computer. Up until the 1080 GPUs there were 32 bit compatible drivers for it. It seems like there are no 32 bit drivers for 2080 GPUs but I was wondering if there is still a way to get around this? I did install these drivers on a 64 bit computer and I noticed that it asked me if I wanted to install 32 bit compatibility libraries so I’m not sure if I can use that. Help would be appreciated!
The compatibility libraries only help with running 32bit applications on a 64bit kernel. The kernel modules are only available for 64bit kernels after v390. To get around that, you would have to contract Nvidia to build and provide the necessary 32bit kernel modules for you. Probably expensive.

Damn okay. May be worth the effort just to upgrade these computers to 64 bit. Thanks!