Installing onto Ubuntu 15.04


how is it possible to install JetPack onto Ubuntu 15.04 instead of 14.04?


JetPack was designed for 14.04…I don’t think 15.04 will work. Typically, JetPack bundles packages available individually, so much of what JetPack makes available should in theory be available as manual download and install as well (this is not 100% true, but close).

You can update the linux kernel after instalation, and there’s some good info on the official wiki

LTS (Long-Term-Support) releases are supported for six years. This support includes releasing newer kernels, bug fixes, security updates, and so on. The newer kernels come in handy so you can run on more modern hardware. Pretty much the only reason to run something newer than the 14.04 release for your development platform is if your video card is not supported by your hardware (I had that problem trying to install on an Intel i7 NUC with three daisy-chained DP1.2 monitors).

Even in that case, it’s better to just run a 14.04 machine headless and access it over the network than try to deal with minor incompatibilities such as hardwired path names in the nvidia toolchain.

Is there other reason that I’m missing?

I had it running here on 15.04 and I think 15.10 – JetPack just checks /etc/lsb-release for a specific string, if it sees ‘wily’ it bails out. But, if you just modify that file to say ‘trusty’ it seems to be perfectly happy…

There don’t seem to be any issues with it linking with any particular libraries that wouldn’t be available, but of course our NVidia overlords won’t have tested it so YMMV.

The other solution, rather than installing a whole new 14.04 distro, is to run Jetpack in a chroot… a couple bind mounts and DISPLAY=:0 (it’ll go right to the host X session) might be all you’d need.