Installing Peak drivers onto PX2 and Kernel issue

I’m trying to install the peak drivers for linux on the PX2 so that I can use a PCAN dongle to connect a canbus to the PX2 via a USB port. However, when I try to install the drivers, I get an error that the kernel header location cannot be found. I found documentation on compiling the kernels here:

But I can’t seem to find the files to unpack the kernel source code on the PX2. Are these files supposed to be on the PX2 already? I was hoping to find help here in compiling the kernels on PX2 and also installing the driver I needed.

Dear vdonika,
Are you asking the path for drive-oss-src directory on host?

I want to install the drivers on the target PC. So I believe I need to find those directories on the target. Is that correct?

Is there a solution to this? I was having the same problem. I was trying to use the peak device so that I can operate two different CAN channels on different baud rates. However, when I try to install the drivers for peak, I get an error that the kernel header location cannot be found as well.

Dear vdonikia,
Please find kernel source directory drive-oss-src on Host inside DrivePDK directory(nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/

I found that directory at nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/ . I assume it’s the same thing. Do I now copy this directory over to the target machine?

Dear vdonikia,
Please use cross compile tool chain and flash as steps given in documentation