Installing Quadro driver on Linux

Hey guys, I am struggling to install a driver onto my Fedora 18 (Linux) OS. I am quite new to Linux, so will probably need some guidance with it. I recently acquired an NVIDIA QUADRO 410 512M Work station card that I have installed it onto my motherboard already.
However, I am struggling big time with installing the correct driver. I found some files on the accompanying CD in the folders Drivers/Linux. I’m running 64-bit OS. So, I’m assuming I’d want to go into the IA64 folder from there. However, there are 2 files there. I am not sure which to use. Also, I do not know how to access them to allow installation of the driver. If I double click (like in Windows OS), it merely opens up as a txt file.

Could someone please help me?


I would recommend using the RPM Fusion Repositories for this. Fedora uses a package management system which you can (and should) use to install and update your software. And while Fedora itself does not ship proprietary software (like the nvidia driver) through their repositories, alternative repositories like the aforementioned RPM Fusion do.
Just follow their Instructions how to enable the repository on your system, and then have a look at their instructions to install the nvidia driver.

Be warned however, that whatever method you choose, the nvidia drivers wont work with kernel 3.9 or newer.