Installing RTX 3070 for basic desktop use in Ubuntu 18.04

Hello. I don’t have any experience in using NVIDIA cards in Linux, and have today received delivery of a Gigabyte RTX 3070. (I’m finally upgrading from my Radeon R9 390!) I don’t plan to game or do much/any 3D work in Linux, but do want to be able to do basic things for work in Ubuntu: browsing, coding, text editing, occasional photo editing, etc.

Is an RTX 3070 going to be usable by Ubuntu 18.04 without installing NVIDIA drivers? Even if installing drivers is advised, will I be able to get to the desktop to do so after having swapped out the AMD card?

Many thanks.

I booted a live media Ubuntu 18.04 with the 3070 today. It worked, but only at 1024 x 768 so far. xrandr commands to add and use a mode for 2560 x 1440 weren’t successful, failing with a message about gamma not being recognised if I remember correctly.

Rather than messing with my work Ubuntu 18.04 installation, I’m going to go for a fresh install of 20.04 with the 3070 and see how installing the NVIDIA driver in that goes when I get time. I should migrate to 20.04 at some stage anyway.

The driver installation in 20.04 via ‘Additional drivers’ in Ubuntu software settings went very well, with a Machine-Owner Key being generated and enrolled for secure boot after reboot. Full resolution and refresh rates enabled!

Today I decided to give the same process in my 18.04 installation a go, and it worked just fine, too.