Installing Tegra Dev 2.0 on Windows - - error exit code

Can someone please help me get beyond the problem installation the Tegra Dev Pack V2?
The first problem I get is my virus software program warning me about a program that accesses passwords etc, PDM, which I allow to go through and as the program continues to install it then comes up with:

c:NVPACK/tadp_download/fciv.exe-md5 C:NVPACK\tadp_downloads\android-sdk_r21.0.1-windows zip … Program ended with an error exit code.

I then abort the program at this point. I have tried about 40 times and becoming very frustrated with this and from the forum it seems others have had similar problems, which have supposedly been resolved.
Can anyone out there help me please?


you can try the latest one TADP 2r5, you can disable your virus software. there is no virus on the tadp.