Installing Tegra Multimedia API on a GPU cloud instance

Hello all.

I wanted to know if there’s a way to compile and install Tegra Multimedia API on linux machine with x86_64 architecture without having to do anything with Jetson TX1(2). I have an application running on Jetson TX2. I wanted to test the same application on a cloud platform. The instance I’m using has Ubuntu 16.04 and is of x86_64 architecture. I have all the other dependencies like CUDA 9, TensorRT 4.x, and other required modules installed on the cloud. Just wanted to know if it is possible to install Tegra Multimedia API on it as well. If yes, what are going to be the steps to do it? Now, when I try to make the samples in tegra multimedia api, I get an error : Please specify the target rootfs path if you are cross-compiling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.